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Jessica Parish - 

lets her music grow and develop alongside herself and doesn't shy away from change when it comes to her art.

She stands for creativity, honesty and authenticity, accepting the imperfect self, empowerment and the continuous journey to more self love and self acceptance.


The German-American felt drawn to English-language pop music at a very early age and began writing her own songs as a teenager.

In 2015, together with her co-writer Tobias Bartel, she began to bring life to her Songs and brought them to the stage.

Initially peppered with rock influences, her pop songs are now classified more as ​​mainstream pop, funk, dance, 80's.

She was awarded the Hessischer Rock & Pop Prize in 2018 and was able to place three singles in the iTunes Pop Charts and the Amazon Newcomer Charts in 2020.


In 2022, after a two-year creative work phase and a change of genre, the first of her six songs was released (GOLDEN MOMENTS), in which she demonstrates her personal and artistic development. In January 2023 her second dance pop single KEEP BREATHING was released, which premiered live on YOU FM, as well as her current single HEADLIGHTS.


As a late career changer, she found her way into the music business and was able to realize part of her dream. This message that everything is possible, with a little bit of optimism, catchy melodies and an unmistakably expressive voice, is also part of her personality and music.


Whether as a duo, trio, band, acoustic or electric, Jessica hits the heart and takes everyone on the journey to find themselves and to experience them unconditionally.

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